Introduction to the blogger

My name is Raquel, I’m from Portugal and I’m a tourism student. I decided to create a blog to do makeup reviews and talk about other related to pics, and I will probably do posts about other subjects as well, so my blog will have a bit of everything.

I’ve gained interest in makeup in the beginning of 2015 because I got bad acne when I started university (2013) so my skin made me feel insecure and I wanted something to cover my imperfections. It started as a research for foundations (which I’m still doing) and as time went by I started getting more interest in other products such as eyeshadow, lipsticks, concealer, setting/finishing sprays, etc.

For reference, I have cystic acne and oily, dehydrated skin.

I decided to write for my blog in English because it’s my second language and I want to improve my vocabulary and writting skills.

I’m also a student on a budget, so my makeup reviews will probably be once/twice a month, depending on the range of the brand, and my reviews will consist mostly of drugstore products. I’m also changing to cruelty-free makeup, so even though the majority of the makeup I will mention is cruelty-free, I will also review some non cruelty-free products I already own.

I won’t be posting my own pictures for a while since my phone doesn’t take good pictures. I will  always leave links to the products and upload pictures that are on the said websites when making the posts. I will start posting pictures as soon as I get a way to do it, but for now I’m more concerned with the text.

I hope you enjoy my blog!



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