Review: Kiko Face 107 Brush

km0050100910721principale_900wx900h1As you know, brushes are essential to makeup; you can have the best eyeshadow palette or the best foundation, but if your brushes aren’t good, the quality of the product won’t show up. Based on this fact, I feel like it’s relevant to give my opinion on my first and current foundation brush, the Kiko Face 107.

Kiko’s description of this brush:

Concave shaped face brush ideal for mousse, fluid and compact foundation. Its special design picks up the product in the center and allows a gradual, measured release for a smooth, even finish and a high-definition make-up effect. The bristles, which are composed of an innovative mix of different types of synthetic hair, ensure flexibility, strength and a perfect application without wasting any product. The hair is soft, giving a comfortable application. The lightweight and durable ferrule is made of antioxidant material. The matte black wooden handle gives the brush an elegant and professional appearance.

This brush costs 11,10£ on the UK Website, 5,90$ on the US Website and 3,80€ on the Portugal’s website (these are sale prices). It’s a synthetic brush and Kiko it’s a cruelty-free brand.

This brush has a minimalistic black look that I actually like it. I’m not a fan of the concave shape because I’d prefer something flat, but it actually works nice for blending the foundation on the nose, and it’s dense. The bristles are nice; not the softest thing you will feel on your face, but they have a good quality and I haven’t experienced any shedding. The sales assistant told me the best way to use this brush is to apply the product on the face and then use the brush to “rub” with circular motions. I only use liquid foundation, but this brush does a good job at blending them without leaving streaks or uneven patches.

Even though this is a nice brush, I feel like it isn’t the ideal brush for me. I have cystic acne and using a buffing brush makes my dry patches stand out, so I’d prefer a stippling brush so I can pat it and avoid emphasized dry patches. I also feel like this is a beginners brush, so I would recommend it to someone who is looking for their first brushes. There are definitely better brushes out there but it is a nice brush for someone who is starting to get into makeup.

Overall I give this brush 7/10.

Kiko Face 107 Brush – UK Website

Kiko Face 107 Brush – US Website

Kiko Face 107 Brush – Portuguese Website

Do you have any brushes from Kiko? What do you think about them? Let me know down below!



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