Life Update: university, internship, mental health, gigs

Today I’m bringing you a different blog post than my usual content, I’m going to live you an insight of my life since the last week of May.

I’m taking a degree in tourism and I’m going to graduate this month (THANK GOD) after 4 years of pain, tears, all nighters, breakdowns, lots of coffee and huge mental instability. This whole experience was quite uneventful: I pretty much spent my first year by myself because the thought of meeting new people makes me sick (literally), I managed to make one friend and knew a few quantity of persons, I didn’t go to parties or used to go out at night (tbh I’m not a fan of going out at night, I like to do it once in a while but not every single week), I didn’t participate in any activities and classes didn’t go as I wanted to. My lack of social life, problems with my parents and not having a job ended up making me feel like absolute shit and this also affected my grades and I had to do an extra year. This last year was spent most time in my bed because at one point everything in my life ended up so bad I couldn’t leave the house or even take a shower.

Anyway, things got slightly better since May and I started my internship as a tourism promoter, the only thing that is missing to get my degree. I finished it last week, and it was also uneventful. Like I said above, people terrify me and I have no idea how I still manage to survive with this job. I remember I panicked the day before I started, but now I can deal with; it’s mentally exausting and it makes me not want to hang out with friends. I still have to do my internship report and the presentation but now I’m working there until the end of the summer which is good because at least I have a reason to get out of bed.

This month I also went to my first gig alone and I hesitated so much because I wanted to see the bands but I have palpitations just thinking about being by myself in crowded places. I managed to convince myself and went alone even though I was freaking out. I missed the first two bands (Somber Rites and Carbine) because I was trying to calm down but then I had to go because I had to see Code Orange and it was so good, I pretty much panicked for nothing. Touché Amoré were also good but I couldn’t say until the end because I had to go home.

I’ve been unable to stop since May and that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been active and posting content, which is another thing I want to talk about. As you can see, I barely post pics because of my shitty phone that refuses to take good pics, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve been slacking. I don’t feel confident enough with what I post because of this reason, so I end up post twice per month. But this is going to change next month because I’m going to buy a new phone and then I will be able to take nice pics for my blog and I will also work way less than now so I can write more stuff and review more products. Until then I’m only going to post one more time (yes, it’s going to be makeup related), but I’m gonna be back in August with a nicer blog.

I hope you’re all having fun holidays!

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